AT or Advanced Training is a wonderful way for you to move up the ranks and learn in depth skills in an area of interest to you.  Training's range from construction to scuba and are held all over the world.  Training costs are reasonable; however, the responsibility of the cadet.  The fees include lodging, materials and meals.  Transportation to and from is NOT included in the training fees required. After you have completed your BMR and Boot Camp Experience, you may follow these steps to begin your training process:

1. Click             to find a training that interests you.

2. Email LTJG Schreifels             to alert her of your interest.  

3. Complete the Training Authority (Form) by clicking           .

4. Submit the completed Training Authority and Medical History to LTJG Schreifels.

5. LTJG Schreifels will speak to the Training COTC directly to achieve approval and will alert you when payment is due and what is an acceptable payment method.