NSCC Boot Camp-Great Lakes, IL

Every new recruit starts their journey with coursework.  This coursework is often referred to as the "BMR" or Basic Military Requirements.  Once completed, recruits have the opportunity and obligation to attend "RTIL" or Recruit Training in Illinois.  The following information will be essential to ensure your RTIL experience is a successful one. 

"I was worried that I wouldn't be prepared because I didn't know what to expect. In hindsight, my concerns were unwarranted.  Flagship was harder than RTIL by far. Attending boot made me realize that it's all attitude and hard work.  If you purpose to work hard and keep an open mind, then you will succeed.  There were cadets from other units across the nation that made me embarrassed for them and their home unit.    They complained, tried to be independent of the division and never gave it their all.  It was those cadets that soiled my experience.  Go to Flagship to prepare your body and prepare your mind with the right attitude.  If you  do, it will be a rewarding and awesome experience!"      

PO3 David Lange

"My boot camp was a great learning experience that offered valuable life lessons".

CPO Alexandra Schreifels

"So many people said boot camp was going to be horrible, but it really wasn't . As long as you did what you were told and have everything together and ready you will be fine. The food was one of the best parts of boot camp. Lastly, bring moleskin it could save your feet for the rest of the time you have left there."

SN Ryry Jorgensen