LT Brent van Hees

Commanding Officer

"I have been in the program for 8 years, and have been the commanding officer for Polaris Battalion and Training Ship Trident since January 2015.  I have been the COTC for our Advanced Summer Trainings as well for the last 3 years. I am also one of the first points of contact for cadets and parents checking out the program."


Executive Officer

"I am the Executive Officer of Polaris Batallion and am integral in the accurate execution of the orders from the Commanding Officer."

Cadet Operations Officer

"Some of my responsibilities include ensuring the POM (Plan of the Month) is followed and on time, as well as enforcing watchstanding regulations."

Cadet Division Officer

"I am responsible for the efficient operation of the Cadets within the department and am responsible to and, in general, act as an assistant to the Department Heads."

training ship trident


Executive Officer

"I am the Executive Officer of  Training Ship Trident and oversee their day to day functions, as well as providing much of the planning for each drill evolution."

Leaguer Operations Officer

"The bulk of my day to day is ensuring the Trident POM is followed correctly and on time. I ensure that Trident watchstanding reflects the finest standards of the Navy."

Leaguer Division Officer

"I am responsible for the efficient operation of the Leaguers and participate in many of their training evolutions."


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ENS Suzanne Johnson

Supply and Finance Department Head

"I keep Supply running smoothly and the Cadets and Leaguers outfitted properly. I also balance the books and try to keep the unit running efficiently. I hope to be a leader by example in any situation where I am in contact with our Leaugers and Cadets."

Administration and Medical Department Head

"I ensure the units paperwork and records are safely kept and properly organized. I handle any medical situations the cadets or leaguers may have."

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LTJG Dawn van Hees

Public Relations Department Head

"I am responsible for the public relations portion of the unit, and am typically the first point of contact for those interesting in the program."


INST Elizabeth Eklund

Education and Training Department Head

"I coordinate with the other officers on the education of the unit. I head the STEM program, and ensure there is a large variety of projects for the cadets and leaguers over time."


INST Beth Floding

(Photo Sniper)

Photography and Media Specialist

"For many years I have ensured that there is no special moment that goes uncaptured for either unit."


INST Jason Packa

Construction and Engineering Specialist

"I educate the cadets on many different aspects of construction and provide Seabee instruction for the unit."


MIDN Matthew Kreft

Naval History and Website Management Specialist

"I manage the website of the unit and teach courses in naval design and heritage, such as Semaphore."