Education and Advancement

Promotions and Advancements are contingent upon the proper coursework completion and subsequent training equivalent.  You may find training options on the training tab of your Cadet Portal.  As for Education, all coursework begins with the "BMR" or the Basic Military Requirements.  Once completed, a cadet may continue through the remaining coursework provided by the Education Department Head.  ENS Christi Patrick will be your guide through this education process.  For the convenience of the cadet and the verification of adequate testing, tests are taken at the Armory on Drill Weekends.  The BMR does not require testing; however, starting with the Petty Officer Third Class advancement, a test is required with a score of 60 or higher. If a test is failed, the cadet must wait 30 days to retake the exam.  Please find the advancement matrix below to assist you in your journey.