An Annual Inspection is required of every unit by the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Headquarters in order to measure the degree a unit is meeting the NSCC's guidelines and goals.  Annual Inspection is MANDATORY as each absence deducts points from the units overall score.  


Sailor's Creed

Sailor's Oath

11 General Orders by memory and can be quoted out of sequence. 

President of the United States of America

Secretary of Defense of the United States of America.

Name, rank and title of Executive Officers in the USNSCC. 

Polaris Battalion and/ or the  Training Ship Trident Chain of Command.


Salute the Regional Director (RD) when prompted.  Remain in the salute until he initiates the release.

DO NOT talk, giggle, scratch or MOVE. 

If you don't know the answer to the RD's question, respond: "I do not have the answer sir but will make it a priority to obtain the knowledge sir."

Formation is by chain of command.

DO NOT lock your knees while waiting to be inspected.  

Arms slightly bent with thumbs on the seam of trousers. 


Dress Blues pressed: lint and wrinkle free.

Shoes clean and shined.

Neckerchief pressed and rolled by code.

New white undershirt without wrinkle or wear.

Cadet ID Badge with CURRENT DATES of membership.

White Dixie Cup Cover clean and worn to code.

Black dress socks. 

Cadet Name Plate worn over right breast.

Trimmed haircut, no sideburns, hair off of ears and neck. Clean shaven

annual inspection