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What are the Sea Cadets?

The US Naval Sea Cadet Corps, also called the NSCC or Sea Cadets, is a youth development program dedicated to helping young people recognize personal success and achievement through a Nautically oriented training program.  We are a non-profit organization governed by our national headquarters in Arlington, Va.

The Polaris Battalion is part of the National Sea Cadet Program.  Our drill location is in Cambridge, MN. This battalion serves youth ages 10-18 in the northern Minnesota region.  Cadets are given ever increasing responsibilities, gaining valuable leadership skills and experience. We expose cadets to the prestige of public service and a variety of career paths through hands-on training with our nation's armed services.  One of the big draws of course is the privilege to wear the uniform of our United States Navy, modified for the Sea Cadets.  Cadets get to experience military life without any obligation. 

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


It is the mission of the Sea Cadets program and Polaris Battalion unit to BUILD LEADERS OF CHARACTER. Developing our youth so that they are selected because they represent the values expected of youth leaders as they leave high school and pursue futures in academics, the workforce, or military service.


The United States Naval Sea Cadets Corps (USNSCC) is a nationally recognized military youth leadership development program.

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Polaris Battalion Unit

The Polaris Battalion was founded in 2011 and is located at the Cambridge Armed Forces Center in Cambridge, MN.

We are the last named and sanctioned Battalion in the United States Naval Sea Cadets program. We consider this an honor and strive to be the best battalion in the program. Polaris is currently the fasting growing unit in the region and nation.

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