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Our Cadets thank you!

po2 remijia challander

Hi I’m PO2 R.Challander and have been with the program for 4 years. I was a Leaguer for 1yr and have been cadet for 3yrs so far. I joined the program because my brother joined and I thought it would be fun to try it out. Now I have all three of my siblings with me in the program and it’s a ton of fun. I really like Sea Cadets because it has taught me not just about military knowledge like our 11 General Orders and how to drill, but also how to respectfully fold and retire flags and how to change windshield wiper blades. Some of the things we also learn in Sea Cadets are basic medical skills that we should know, how to cook good food for large groups of people, Woodworking, and Welding just to name a few. My favorite thing about the program are all the friends I’ve made not just at the home unit, but also when we’re able go to trainings outside the state and make friends from different states as well. Sea Cadets is good for the kids who want to see what the military is all about, we’re based off the Navy but learn about the other branches as well. If teens don’t wanted to go into the military, that good to, Sea Cadets also exposes us to the different jobs in the Law Enforcement/Governmental side of jobs and is really cool to see what kind of jobs there are. Sea Cadets is a really good program to expand teens knowledge on how to respect our military and our country.



PO2 R.Challander

From a parent:  

I wanted to take minute to say thank you. You and the other volunteers pour so much of your heart, soul and time into this program and I want you to know you're making a difference! The transformation in Mason has been amazing for us to watch. His demeanor,  his attitude,  his confidence,  his goals, his weight, his fitness level, his sense of purpose and commitment,  his patriotism, all of it really is amazing! I hardly recognize the kid he is today from the kid who went to his first drill. So thank you, all of you, for what you do and the time you selflessly give. It is appreciated and you are making a mark!

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